How birthdays went from cool to uncool…

To have birthday… To get older. Awesome… maybe… or, at least it used to be……..right?

Whatever happened to birthdays lately? I remember them being possibly the most awesome day of the year, and now it has turned into something more…or, well, less awesome I guess. I remember looking forward to my birthday for weeks, writing wish-lists and dreaming about awesome presents and constantly wondering how big the probability was that this year my parents would FINALLY give me a pony…

I truly feel like my birthdays used to be awesome, it was like as if the whole world stopped and everything was focused on ME; I got presents from everywhere and cakes with my name on them; I had parties where my friends brought me lots of presents and we played and had fun. I got to decide what games to play and what the rules were 🙂

I got money from relatives and every year I seemed to be allowed more things. It started with being “old enough” to go to the cinema with dad, being “big enough” to ride that awesome cool roller-coaster in the theme park (I waited 3 years for that one! Imagine the day I was finally allowed!). It moved on to other awesome stuff such as being able to drive, purchase alcohol, getting in to clubs, getting in to the cool clubs that usually put a higher age-limit… It was all cool, there were always new benefits.

Now I am wondering… what next? I mean, realizing that you are most likely the oldest on the dance-floor, can’t get the youth-discount when buying tickets anymore, getting offered pension-fund packages from the bank and finding out that there are networks on the internet for singles your age aren’t exactly AWESOME stuff…




Looking forward for weeks, unable to sleep the night before, still believing somewhat in the possibility to actually get my own pony…


Waking up by my whole family singing for ME,
Bringing me awesome presents and CAKE in the morning!

(and my sister being all jealous, but wouldn’t miss out on the cake so had to come along and look happy…)



Getting a cake just for me,
sometimes with MY NAME on it!
Got to blow candles and make wishes!
Got to eat as much as I wanted to!



Having all my friends coming over and giving me presents!

Feeling like I am the most important one !!!
Getting to play, get more cake and decide everything!


Being allowed to do more cool stuff!

Getting money from relatives… and being able to spend it on total random stuff as I felt like!





Can’t sleep the night before because too much things going on. I need to bring cake to the office tomorrow (and as I didn’t want to spend $$$ on that, I spent this whole evening baking fucking cakes!). Need to plan party for my friends, and also invite my parents at one point.

How much is all this stuff going to COST ME????????

Have to bring cake to work, announce to everyone that, yes, it IS my birthday. Get 100 questions about the cake, feel sorry for not having thought about the colleagues with allergies…

I have to invite all people I know over to my place, and offer free beer!
The presents are not that frequent anymore, apart from the “smart guy” who brought a bottle of wine
(that he probably received himself as a present) just to feel better when he grabs the free beer.

It is just amazing how much money one can spend on beer!

You also find out that there are no benefits whatsoever in being one year older. There is absolutely NOTHING you are able to do now that you were not able to do last year.

I have to call my grandparents and remind them that it is my birthday. And as they are too old to drive, I have to make sure to get over there in order to get my birthday-money. Money that will be spent on covering for the beer I have to buy for my party, last month’s unpaid credit card bill or something else important. No way I can buy mountains of candy anymore 😦

So, can I please stop getting older? It is not fun anymore!

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About pizza… and Pictionary…

Have you ever been to these Italian restaurants that always cover the tables with a tablecloth-ish thing in paper? OK, then you know what I mean. Well, when my friends and I go to restaurants like this we usually spend our time waiting for the food playing pictionary on the tablecloth-ish thing.

Now, for external people this might all sound very weird and we have had a lot of people looking at us in a confused way, so I thought I make an experience here, on the big world of the internet.

The one who can guess what the below image is supposed to be (c’mon, you know the rules of Pictionary, don’t ya?) wins… and wins the original drawing signed by the artist (if desired… if not, you might wanna give it a try just for pride or whatever).

Note: Anyone having attended a sunday-PP @Primavera is not allowed to participate in this contest or spread confidential information to outsiders.

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The beer is bigger in Bavaria!

I thought it would never happen to me, I am just not the person for it but now things have changed, and as I live in Germany now I thought “When in Rome…” when my boyfriend suggested to go to Munich this weekend for the Oktober-fest! My first idea (and that is based on impressions from friends who always go there and LOVE it) was a 24/7 party in the entire month of October. I was wrong.

The Oktober-fest takes place mainly in SEPTEMBER (yepp, for ONCE the Germans are not logical – maybe because of the beer). However, if you point this out to a German the standard reply is usually
“Yezz, of course it is, but it ENDS ze first weekend in October”….
And you’ll be like “yeaaaaah, but still, the MAIN part of the party is in September, so it’s not logical”
and they’ll go something like “What do you mean it’s not logical, of course it is. It endzzzzz in October”.
Don’t mess with the Germans when discussing what’s logical and what’s not!

About the 24/7-party – well, there as well, I was wrong! The “real” Oktober-fest party is during the DAY. People start drinking already around 9AM and the beer-tents and “all that” CLOSE at 6PM! Did I mention that the standard size beer (e.g. the smallest you can order) is 1 liter? Beer for breakfast anyone?

Now, I do not drink beer, I do not eat sausages and I tend to dislike German “sing-along-music”. The idea of men wearing Lederhosen is not very attractive to me and I would not imagine wearing one of those Bavarian dresses myself! So… what’s in it for me?

To get into party-mood I yesterday searched for some videos on Youtube to get an idea of how it actually looks like, but it didn’t really have the effect I was hoping for, on the contrary; now I am almost even MORE hesitant towards it all. If you don’t believe me, here you go! I inserted a video for your convenience

What I really wonder is why all foreigners are so into the “Oktober-fest” and dream about going there. I mean, I know some Americans who take their yearly holiday and fly to Bavaria. Seriously, they only have holiday (real holiday) ONCE a year, and they dream about spending it in a loud, stinky and overloaded with German schlager-music tent with about 5,000 other people! What happened to the cultural Europe? Hmmm… I know exactly what my BF would say here:

“But baby… THIS if ANYTHING is CULTURE! BEER is culture and Oktober-fest is as cultural as anything can get!”

Right… well, wish me luck, cuz there is no way back now 😉

PS: Of course I promise to share my “best-of”-photos with you; it will come up after the weekend.

PS2: As if it couldn’t get any worse… I just got to know that my idea of 5000 loud and stinky Germans was not entirely true, as this weekend is the “Italian weekend” of the October-fest. Yes indeed, that means about 200 busloads full of crazy Italian people drinking beer, screaming and being … not German at all. Thus bye-bye culture side of the whole visit!

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The truth about office-people like me

I just started a new job. I hate it. I hate to go up every morning and go to work, I hate sitting in that office and most of all I hate that I have to be so F**ING responsible and go to bed in time so that I will be all fresh at WORK the next day.

Now, I have a pretty OK job, I don’t really dare telling exactly what I do, because you would immediately think I am the most boring person in the world, but I work in an office. Yepp… in the finance department. Yepp… it IS as boring as it sounds. But hey, it pays your bills 🙂

Anyway, the last 2 weeks have been my first at this new job, and anyone who has been in the same position kind of knows that what you do in your first 2 weeks you could under pressure manage to do in 2 days. Yepp people, this DOES mean that I am really really bored at work.

I know that I should enjoy, take advantage etc, because in some time I will be all busy (supposedly) and WISH for having nothing to do, but seriously – this is not funny. Problem is that as I am NEW, I can’t really sit around and surf the internet all day long (open-space-issue) so I have to look like I am really busy!

In order to keep this a bit short, I thought I’d summarize my day for you… I think it says it all.

09:00 Arrive to office. Make coffee. Change my mind. Throw away coffee. Make tea. Go to the toilet. Open all programs and applications (makes you LOOK busy). Check mail. Update mailbox. Update mailbox again in case anything went wrong the first time. Have another cup of coffee.

10:00 Get 10 min worth of work to do – I finished it in 30 min.

10:30 Created an excel sheet which automatically calculates how many % of my working day is left as of any moment (based on the time on my PC). The percentage automatically gets green when it gets over 50% (took me 10 min to find out how to do that… remember, I operate now on a GERMAN keyboard at work).

11:00 Checks my spreadsheet again, and realize that it would be interesting to see how much I earn per minute, so I calculated that too. Check my mail. Have a cup of tea.

11.15 Check how many % of my day is left… and update my mailbox again. Hey, mail from my sister – I have never mailed her so often as the last 2 weeks! Awesome, I can spend 20 min on that!

11.30 Start thinking about what to have for lunch… start thinking out strategies whether it is best to have lunch at 12 or at 13; theoretically 13h would be better because then only half the day is left when back from lunch.

11.45 print my excel sheet just to see how it looks printed. Walk to printer room – get printout. tell my boss I don’t have much to do. Receive 15 min worth of work – take 30 min to do the job.

12.15 only 45 min left to lunch! Print some papers, go back and forth to the printer. Look through all papers I have on my desk (work already DONE), with a somewhat analytical look on my face. Have a coffee.

13.00 Go for lunch!

14:00 Back from lunch! Check mail. Update spreadsheet…. yeah! It’s green now! awesome! have a coffee. check mail again. BORED.

As of this moment things start to get VERY VERY difficult and time has never passed as slowly before… EVER. Basically, I repeat the morning-spiral over and over again, as I sit there and think about great ideas in my head. Even though, building a miniature farm from paper-clips might not be what I am SUPPOSED to think at work… it keeps me busy.

I was thinking… would be awesome if there is a template (like a “skin”) for your browser that automatically converts facebook into an excel-sheet in terms of layout whenever you use the page. In that way I could hang on facebook all day long and it would look as if I worked 🙂 Maybe I should invent things like this and open my own company… seriously, I bet the demand is HUGE!

I can NOT be the only one out there!!!

Seriously, if you managed to read all the way down here – you are totally AWESOME!
(or are you bored and at work?)

I promise to give you some better post very very soon… muhahaha, I am having some great ideas here!

PS: Do you mind if tomorrow’s post is in Xls-format?

PS2: Please forgive me for this post. I really hate my job.

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Having driven quite a LOT around in Europe lately, I felt like I wanted to express some feelings regarding European highways. I could go on and on for hours about this, but let me try to keep it a bit short (oh, even though you don’t care about European highways, bear with me… there is a point to it all...). First, a quick summary of the various highways:

France: Generally sucks because the French could not agree on ONE common system, so the highway is owned by about 2 million different companies, leading to that you have to stop every 5 km or so to pay the road toll.

Holland: Well, at least there are no hills, but I wouldn’t go so far as calling these REAL highways, as it’s always too crowded to get some speed up. Sorry, it’s just too much of a dense country. Bonus point for no road tax though.

Switzerland: You just have to admire those swiss and how they managed to build such a high-tech system in a country FULL of mountains. Road tax equals a sticker (vignette) which is cheap and lasts for a year – meaning no stopping and paying all the time. Even though… they are REALLY tough on the speed-limits and nobody really goes faster than allowed (Oh, and I hope you enjoy tunnels!).

Scandinavia: Should be ashamed to even call it highways, you can’t even go fast!

Germany: Seriously, this is my ONE favorite thing in Germany: the HIGHWAY. Sorry, I almost feel like I’m offending it by using that word – I meant AUTOBAHN! We all know who we have to thank for the construction of it, but let’s not go into details here. The German highway is the BEST. full stop.

Italy: People drive like…. CRAZY!

OK, now, what I really noticed driving along all these various highways is how the different countries deal with the problem of people getting tired and causing accidents (really, it happens very often and is a serious problem). German Autobahn used to have a bad reputation for the accident-rates, especially in the night time, and nowadays trucks are for example forbidden to use the cruise-control. BUT – that’s not enough. Various campaigns are up all over the country, trying to remind you that it is more important to get home safe than to get home as quickly as possible.

Very often around Germany you can see signs along the road which look more or less like this:

Trying to remind people that it is better to rest for a bit, and to come home safe and sound, because an accident can happen easily… especially if you are tired.

Now, in Italy they have taken a different approach to the problem, which I actually found rather helpful myself when driving through Italy one night (because I had to be somewhere at a certain time I really could NOT take a nap)… I am NOT joking, this is the message they give you in Italy:

OK, the coffee really IS good… and when you stop to fill your car up, they usually even give you a coffee for free (if you buy gas for more than 20€). But it’s still a bit more… of… an… let’s call it… ITALIAN approach to the whole problem 🙂

Edited: Forgot to mention… these are not the EXACT signs on the road… but as I was driving myself I couldn’t take pictures. Sorry, but really, this is REALLY what they say! (except that in Italy the sign is in Italian… and in Germany it’s in German, I translated that for your convenience).

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Where did summer go?

I HATE fall. Not like in a “oh, I kind of don’t like it”-way… I really HATE it.

First of all, it’s the most useless season EVER! There is absolutely NOTHING to do, and all you want is to go back to summer, but you are the furthest away possible from summer, which makes it suck even MORE!

Second, the weather is just a BITCH in fall. Really… truly! It’s like the weather is trying to make you feel even WORSE than you already do. Summer is awesome, it’s nice, it’s warm… alright, sometimes it rains, but it doesn’t get freezing cold all of a sudden. It’s not like you need to always carry along warm clothes in CASE it will get cold later. No, because it doesn’t.

See, that’s exactly what I don’t like about fall when it comes to the weather-issue. I hate the fact that you NEVER know. For me, most days are the same around this time of year. I need to work and therefore need to go up way to early. I also spend my whole day at work and will not return until evening. So usually, I check outside the window in the morning to get a rough idea about how the weather is going to be like.

Very often it happens that outside there is a blue sky and the sun is already up smiling towards me kinda like if he’s saying “hey, come on out, it’s nice and warm… I have not forgotten you, I am still here for you!!!”

And then I get some kind of hope that all is fine and it’s not gonna be a THAT bad day after all. I decide that summer is still somewhat there, even though just the end of it, so I decide to wear summer-ish clothes while I can. That decided I usually opt for a skirt, some summer-jacket, and usually my most expensive (and the only expensive one I have) handbag and go out all happy and shiny kind of as to celebrate that all is still fine and summer is still here.

It is kind of like the sun is talking to me, and I am feeling all good and happy getting to work. I even spent some time to get my hair ready, which is not very usual, but hey, for the occasion – anything!

I am all happy and too busy to communicate with the smiling sun that I don’t notice that the clouds that looked all happy and innocent are now getting confused. It’s like the are thinking… “wait a minute, this is not how it’s supposed to be…. WE are the best friends of the sun now… what’s she DOING?????”

And then… all of a sudden, they decide to take revenge on you. It is as if they KNEW exactly where your weak spot is, and they are going to destroy it all. You don’t see it coming at all, they sneak up behind you, form an army, and all of a sudden… you have this:

And that is when that day got destroyed!

But hey, wait a minute…. you think that’s it? NO…. not at ALL. Things just get WORSE. OK, one day was destroyed and all that, but life goes on. Until weekend comes and I am going to do my weekly groceries (yepp, I do “weekly groceries” because at the moment, it’s the only time I have time to buy food…) and drive to the supermarket trying to think about what I might want to eat in about 5 days (kind of mission impossible, i know)… and thinking that MAYBE… maybe… I could buy some nice salad or other summery food that might cheer me up, and if it’s warm one of the days I might eat something that can trick me into thinking that it IS still summer.

BUT…. when walking around in the supermarket and seeing…. yeah, ok, I admit, I was at the candy-section… wanting some sweets for the evenings…

OK, you don’t get it… I just wanted to give you an idea of the whole perspective… Here, I give you a zoom-in of what I saw:::::::

SUMMER REALLY IS OVER!!!! there is NO more hope!

OK, I guess I have to accept it, but really…. does that give them right to sell christmas candy already in SEPTEMBER??? This can not be legal. It must be last year’s left-overs.

I seriously think something should be done here, I even have some great ideas myself:

* Give away left-over (not sold) christmas-candy to homeless people in January, in that way the shops won’t have anything to sell in september.

* Organize a mass-demonstration-day where we all go to the supermarkets and spray-paint ANY Christmas-look-alike-package BLACK.

* Start doing the whole christmas-thing in September… I mean, why not, then it’s done and over with.

* Do like the Americans… introduce some holidays in BETWEEN summer and Christmas, in that way shops have other things to focus on until late November. Yes indeed, I AM referring to Halloween. Seriously, Pumpkins do not disturb me even a fraction of what santa-chocolate does! (And now I also finally got the whole purpose of Halloween… I KNEW it could not be just about the kids and the candy… it’s all a plot against mass-consumption!)


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Who doesn’t save the best until the end? … or, how do you eat your pizza?

I know some of you people know me personally (thanks friends for giving me SOME visitors), but for you who don’t and will come back here, I can tell you immediately that I LOVE cooking, eating, well – you get it – I like food. That’s no secret, and some people friends even say I can cook pretty well. So yeah, there WILL BE FOOD!

BUT – there is ONE thing about me that might be a bit weird. Actually, I don’t think I am weird at all, because I think my behavior is TOTALLY logical (of course it is, it’s the others who are weird), but some of my close friends have pointed out that I am somewhat of a “maniac” when it comes to eating. Not WHAT I eat (nonono, I am NOT one of those neurotic “constantly on a failing diet”-women (no offense to you, if any out there, but that’s just not me)… ) but HOW I eat.

Yepp you heard me! HOW I eat. Of course there is eating-techniques, and now you might be thinking that I am some kind of weirdo eating my burgers with chop-sticks or so, but NO!

Basically, I believe that in order to finish a meal COMPLETELY satisfied, one needs to SAVE THE BEST FOR THE END. Yeah, really, that’s all I do – I save the best tasting piece to the end, in that way, I will keep the best possible flavor in my mouth afterwards.

LOST? (how could you be? This is just plain logic!)

OK, let me illustrate this a bit better. I will make a very simple example and I will tell you the difference of how I would react versus how my boyfriend would react.

Eating a “quattro formaggi pizza” (means “4 cheese” in italian if anyone didn’t know)

Boyfriend’s strategy: Get pizza, cut at most convenient place, eat pizza, finish pizza, be full, be satisfied.

My strategy: When I get the pizza I first figure out which cheese is which. Like, the mozzarella is usually kinda plain and the Gorgonzola is my favorite, so of course I want my last piece to be a gorgonzola-one, as I will by then (when eating the last piece) barely remember how the first piece tasted.

Having found the Gorgonzola-area of the pizza, I turn it around so that I start 1 triangle further than the Gorgonzola. (I do this because it keeps the last piece warm…)

I eat more or less half the pizza, and then things start to get serious, so now it is really “down to business”. Now is the moment when ALL the remaining crust gets eaten. Everyone knows that the middle part is much nicer than the crust – the crust has no topping, but until now it kept the inside of the pizza warm…

Then I eat all the way until I get to my chosen “last piece” (which by now is down to a very small triangle between the other last 2 and without crust… but hey, with lots of Gorgonzola).

My last piece is a totally soft, still warm, drenched in Gorgonzola and without annoying crust piece of Pizza – just the way I like it!

Needless to say, I don’t only do this with pizza. I do this with ALL food. A sandwich for example, i mean, come ON, the middle has so much more stuffing! Or a Burrito (which might be why mine always drip the most… I can’t keep the end till the end, i need to have the middle piece in the end).… you get it.

Actually, I thought this was weird, until the day when I was having pizza with a couple of friends and one of them got his pizza, said nothing, studied it for a minute or so (which is a lot when you’re hungry and have a freshly baked pizza in front of you btw) and then turned it about 80 degrees and cut & ate one piece, and thereafter ate ALL the crust… yeah, this was the moment when I asked “Hey, sorry for asking… but are you… by any chance… saving the best piece until the end?”

His answer was simply:
“OF COURSE I AM. Damn, I thought I was the ONLY weirdo!”

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Steinbach will NEVER be a turtle!

During my travels I have encountered endless monuments, statues, churches, you name it…. Don’t know about you, but personally I’m no culture-freak, but I DO get that feeling of “oh, all those people are taking pictures of it, it is probably something super-famous, I better take one too, and I can always check the background of that church (/Other random building) later

Well, exactly that happened when I by accident made a stop in Dresden, Germany, about 2 weeks ago. Basically, Dresden is one of those cities that happened to be very pretty and all that, but unfortunately for itself is situated in more or less the epicenter of what used to be the battlefield during WWII.  So in order to (I guess) get some cash inflow again, they decided to re-construct the city to what it used to look like pre-war, and they even built up the church using the original stones again. But hey, it seems to be working, as the city is packed with busloads of tourists coming for clicking away on their cameras.

OK, I will not bore you with pictures of old buildings, but something DID catch my attention. First of all, there is a hell lot of buildings with people on top of them, now what is up with that? Was it like the biggest honor – to when you die be depicted in a statue and put on top of a high building? I don’t know, but I always find myself wondering what those people actually DID to end up where they are.

Anyway, one building in particular caught my attention. Take a look on this picture…. now exactly WHAT do you associate this with?

Look on the names… closely. Yes, painters, sculptors, Italian such… think cartoon, think… the late 80’ies… think pizza!

no? come on!

Ring any bells? … yes, EXACTLY… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Remember ? ? ?

Those Pizza-eating cowabunga-turtles with awesome Ninja-skills? NO? Well, I DO! Damn, they were HUGE… skateboarding around the sewers of NYC and saving the world kind of… they made Pizza every kid’s favorite dish back home!

Short re-cap::: In blue, leader: Leonardo… in Red, the one with coolest weapon: Raphael, in Orange, the Funny one: Michelangelo and in Purple the slightly nerdy: Donatello.

Now, all of them are mutated Turtles, all of them fought off evil, all of them like pizza, all of them are pretty awesome. How come only three of them qualified to get their name on a building? and even more important, who the F**K does this “Steinbach” thinks he is???? He will NEVER be a turtle!

Didn't you FORGET someone???????

Not fair! I am considering a protest march or something like that… I need to raise awareness, I need to give these turtles what they are worth! Out with Steinbach – in with Donatello. Details about mass-protest will follow, I feel this can become HUGE!

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Men vs. Women round I

I am trying very hard in my relationship to make my boyfriend understand the very simple fact that I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. Seriously, it would solve so many problems, make our life so much easier and common decisions would be taken faster if he could just accept from the beginning that I am right. I bet a lot of women share the experience, and as I know I will never get him to admit it (even though deep down he knows ….), I thought I might just explain it to the internet instead.

So, let’s start of on home-court – YES, the Kitchen!

It all started, as things use to start in those rare evenings when we actually have TIME – my boyfriend and I were in the kitchen trying something new. Yeah, we kind of like cooking and tend to experiment around quite some. Actually, I remember in the very beginning of our relationship when I had to leave the kitchen because he didn’t want to reveal his secret ingredient in what he calls “the best crêpes in the world”…. I just told him “dude, I don’t know what you do to your crêpes, but I add *****”…. and yeah…. that’s when we realized we had the same “secret” 🙂 Anyway, back to the track… this is about me, and about me being right.

This time we were cooking chicken with some potatoes and even though I can not really remember how, it all ended up in the pan in the end (funny sometimes how you just remember the important part of some stories… in my case this part would be me winning the argument, of course. Who cares about details?).

My boyfriend INSISTED that we should put the entire pan in the oven, as it would make the “chicken more tender” (or something VERY similar).

I told him that a pan with a plastic handle can NOT go in the oven, as it will melt.

He told me his French grandma (always his joker when food-arguing, as the French kinda have a reputation in this area) ALWAYS used to put pans in the oven.

I told him my grandma did too, but that was back in the days when they used IRON-pans… not plastic-handled-ones.

He told me that that’s just bullshit and pans are supposed to stand heat.

I told him I just wanted to see the look on his face when he realized I was right, so told him to just put the damn pan in the oven.

He put the pan in the oven.

We went to the living room, watched TV for a while.

We hear a loud “booooom” in the kitchen.

I seriously was scared that oven was broke (belonged to the flat… not to us, so that would kind of have sucked)

Actually, all the food stayed IN the pan, only the plastic on top of the lid broke, and the handle has exploded (some kind of high-tech plastic, what do I know...)

Boyfriend told me “so what… what’s the big deal? I will buy a new pan”

Me told boyfriend: “big deal is that I WAS RIGHT!!!!”

1-0 🙂

Pan with plastic handle and details = NOT oven-proof!

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About being dead, being serious and blogging…

So, let’s start off with the GOOD news:


Now when that’s cleared out, I guess I can go back to writing again. Of course, I know, I am supposed to be writing stuff REGULARLY and updating and keeping people (readers) happy with new exciting stories all the time. But hey, as I have been in areas without internet access (yes, they DO exist) for a while, I didn’t really bother.

I’ve been around, basically driving around Europe for the last weeks, saw some amazing places, had some awesome food and swam in a freezing mountain-river. But good thing is: my friends know I’m having this thing called a blog now, so about every hour I tend to get the comment “oh, are you gonna write a blog-post about this?”.  And the answer is YES, most likely I AM!

So what am I going to write about today? Well, I figured I would have to re-start this whole thing with something incredibly AWESOME, because else people might see “oh, look she posted something again” and check it out and when it’s not totally awesome they might think “hey, this is not totally awesome, she obviously doesn’t have anything cool to write about anymore” and I would be even more dead.

But, truth is that I have just too many awesome stories to tell, so I can’t really chose the post of today. I thought I’d give you a little idea of things I have learnt the last week which I might even write a post about very soon.

Here we go:

1. A swiss army knife is probably the best thing in the world to bring on a trip
2. When the breaks of your car sound worse than a 2-month old baby with ear-infection there is something WRONG!
3. The backside of a tent that unfolds in 3 seconds is that it takes SLIGHTLY longer to fold it back together.
4. Ice cream – Italians make it better!

Well, I also thought I should give you some nice drawings to make you smile, but hey, you are probably still not believing that there is places without internet, so I thought I’d just give you some photo-proof of that instead.

There really was no internet connection here, and even IF, I couldn't be bothered 🙂

Next time I promise I will draw you some pictures, because I know they look better 🙂

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