Today I learnt

I learnt that if you all of a sudden start to like Olives, it does not necessarily mean you are pregnant!
Yepp, i did an in-depth experience on myself in this case, and I have found out that it is totally not true. However, would I ever get pregnant, i would totally eat more olives than now.

I learnt that a cigarette dropped at a gas station usually does NOT cause a fire!
True! So basically this makes me now laugh when watching many movies. How did I leant this? Well, mythbusters tried it out a while ago, and I believe those people!

I learnt that German people call a call phone “HANDY” and when they speak English they often assume it is the English word for it as well.
I think this is very cute and I really hope they will not change it.

I learnt that Americans call Coriander Cilantro…
And that is just bound to create confusion!

I learnt that the Nazis were wearing HUGO BOSS!
True thing! Hugo Boss,  founded 1924 in Germany became the licensed supplier of uniforms to the SA; SS etc etc (e.g. Hitler and his “friends”). You don’t believe me?

I learnt that a PINT is NOT half a liter, but rather 568ml, which is DIFFERENT.
True that! After having served half-liter-beers to endless English tourists in my past career as a waitress it was kind of a chock when I realized that it is NOT the same thing. No wonder I got more drunk than I thought when I went drinking in Ireland 🙂

I learnt that Elephants is the only LAND mammal that can not jump.
I heard from someone that “the elephant is the only mammal that can not jump” and I just had to research a bit, and as far as I came, the statement is not entirely true, because there are also mammals in the sea, that of course do not jump. But else, it might be the only land mammal.


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