The truth about office-people like me

I just started a new job. I hate it. I hate to go up every morning and go to work, I hate sitting in that office and most of all I hate that I have to be so F**ING responsible and go to bed in time so that I will be all fresh at WORK the next day.

Now, I have a pretty OK job, I don’t really dare telling exactly what I do, because you would immediately think I am the most boring person in the world, but I work in an office. Yepp… in the finance department. Yepp… it IS as boring as it sounds. But hey, it pays your bills 🙂

Anyway, the last 2 weeks have been my first at this new job, and anyone who has been in the same position kind of knows that what you do in your first 2 weeks you could under pressure manage to do in 2 days. Yepp people, this DOES mean that I am really really bored at work.

I know that I should enjoy, take advantage etc, because in some time I will be all busy (supposedly) and WISH for having nothing to do, but seriously – this is not funny. Problem is that as I am NEW, I can’t really sit around and surf the internet all day long (open-space-issue) so I have to look like I am really busy!

In order to keep this a bit short, I thought I’d summarize my day for you… I think it says it all.

09:00 Arrive to office. Make coffee. Change my mind. Throw away coffee. Make tea. Go to the toilet. Open all programs and applications (makes you LOOK busy). Check mail. Update mailbox. Update mailbox again in case anything went wrong the first time. Have another cup of coffee.

10:00 Get 10 min worth of work to do – I finished it in 30 min.

10:30 Created an excel sheet which automatically calculates how many % of my working day is left as of any moment (based on the time on my PC). The percentage automatically gets green when it gets over 50% (took me 10 min to find out how to do that… remember, I operate now on a GERMAN keyboard at work).

11:00 Checks my spreadsheet again, and realize that it would be interesting to see how much I earn per minute, so I calculated that too. Check my mail. Have a cup of tea.

11.15 Check how many % of my day is left… and update my mailbox again. Hey, mail from my sister – I have never mailed her so often as the last 2 weeks! Awesome, I can spend 20 min on that!

11.30 Start thinking about what to have for lunch… start thinking out strategies whether it is best to have lunch at 12 or at 13; theoretically 13h would be better because then only half the day is left when back from lunch.

11.45 print my excel sheet just to see how it looks printed. Walk to printer room – get printout. tell my boss I don’t have much to do. Receive 15 min worth of work – take 30 min to do the job.

12.15 only 45 min left to lunch! Print some papers, go back and forth to the printer. Look through all papers I have on my desk (work already DONE), with a somewhat analytical look on my face. Have a coffee.

13.00 Go for lunch!

14:00 Back from lunch! Check mail. Update spreadsheet…. yeah! It’s green now! awesome! have a coffee. check mail again. BORED.

As of this moment things start to get VERY VERY difficult and time has never passed as slowly before… EVER. Basically, I repeat the morning-spiral over and over again, as I sit there and think about great ideas in my head. Even though, building a miniature farm from paper-clips might not be what I am SUPPOSED to think at work… it keeps me busy.

I was thinking… would be awesome if there is a template (like a “skin”) for your browser that automatically converts facebook into an excel-sheet in terms of layout whenever you use the page. In that way I could hang on facebook all day long and it would look as if I worked 🙂 Maybe I should invent things like this and open my own company… seriously, I bet the demand is HUGE!

I can NOT be the only one out there!!!

Seriously, if you managed to read all the way down here – you are totally AWESOME!
(or are you bored and at work?)

I promise to give you some better post very very soon… muhahaha, I am having some great ideas here!

PS: Do you mind if tomorrow’s post is in Xls-format?

PS2: Please forgive me for this post. I really hate my job.


About sunshinediary

Just another woman, in another town, on another street. Living the same life, same loves, same losses, same happiness and same shit as most people. Having problems, solving problems, seeking happiness... you know, the usual shit.
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5 Responses to The truth about office-people like me

  1. Laura says:

    I’m sorry you hate your job. I just started a new one last month and while I don’t hate it, I certainly have a LOT of “down time” too. It’s no fun to be bored!

  2. MissEmy says:

    awwww, that sounds terrible! I volunteered in a finance department for a month and if I wasn’t busy working I was soooo bored. 😛

  3. Kendra says:

    I’ve been writing some similar posts about my own job. People think its fun to get paid for doing no work…but it’s only fun until you run out of useless things to do!

  4. Josana says:

    hahahahahaha so much true!! This is so much when you start in a job (and I’m sorry that you don’t like it)…. and it’s soooo annoying when you don’t have much and you need to pretend to be busy, I hate it! I always try to do improvements at my job, I try to give my 100%, really do lol true! But sometimes you really just have nothing much to do….!!! And then? Open spreadsheets lol try new vlookups never tried before hahahah macro that pops up when you need coffee lol whatever! I like your spreadsheet with the time haha that could sell too!

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