The beer is bigger in Bavaria!

I thought it would never happen to me, I am just not the person for it but now things have changed, and as I live in Germany now I thought “When in Rome…” when my boyfriend suggested to go to Munich this weekend for the Oktober-fest! My first idea (and that is based on impressions from friends who always go there and LOVE it) was a 24/7 party in the entire month of October. I was wrong.

The Oktober-fest takes place mainly in SEPTEMBER (yepp, for ONCE the Germans are not logical – maybe because of the beer). However, if you point this out to a German the standard reply is usually
“Yezz, of course it is, but it ENDS ze first weekend in October”….
And you’ll be like “yeaaaaah, but still, the MAIN part of the party is in September, so it’s not logical”
and they’ll go something like “What do you mean it’s not logical, of course it is. It endzzzzz in October”.
Don’t mess with the Germans when discussing what’s logical and what’s not!

About the 24/7-party – well, there as well, I was wrong! The “real” Oktober-fest party is during the DAY. People start drinking already around 9AM and the beer-tents and “all that” CLOSE at 6PM! Did I mention that the standard size beer (e.g. the smallest you can order) is 1 liter? Beer for breakfast anyone?

Now, I do not drink beer, I do not eat sausages and I tend to dislike German “sing-along-music”. The idea of men wearing Lederhosen is not very attractive to me and I would not imagine wearing one of those Bavarian dresses myself! So… what’s in it for me?

To get into party-mood I yesterday searched for some videos on Youtube to get an idea of how it actually looks like, but it didn’t really have the effect I was hoping for, on the contrary; now I am almost even MORE hesitant towards it all. If you don’t believe me, here you go! I inserted a video for your convenience

What I really wonder is why all foreigners are so into the “Oktober-fest” and dream about going there. I mean, I know some Americans who take their yearly holiday and fly to Bavaria. Seriously, they only have holiday (real holiday) ONCE a year, and they dream about spending it in a loud, stinky and overloaded with German schlager-music tent with about 5,000 other people! What happened to the cultural Europe? Hmmm… I know exactly what my BF would say here:

“But baby… THIS if ANYTHING is CULTURE! BEER is culture and Oktober-fest is as cultural as anything can get!”

Right… well, wish me luck, cuz there is no way back now 😉

PS: Of course I promise to share my “best-of”-photos with you; it will come up after the weekend.

PS2: As if it couldn’t get any worse… I just got to know that my idea of 5000 loud and stinky Germans was not entirely true, as this weekend is the “Italian weekend” of the October-fest. Yes indeed, that means about 200 busloads full of crazy Italian people drinking beer, screaming and being … not German at all. Thus bye-bye culture side of the whole visit!


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1 Response to The beer is bigger in Bavaria!

  1. Josana says:

    cant wait to know your impressions about it!!!!

    I never really wanted to go, but next year I think I’ll give a try “when in Rome…” not that I’m in Germany, but anyway almost like “when in Rome”…closer than Brazil haha

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