Steinbach will NEVER be a turtle!

During my travels I have encountered endless monuments, statues, churches, you name it…. Don’t know about you, but personally I’m no culture-freak, but I DO get that feeling of “oh, all those people are taking pictures of it, it is probably something super-famous, I better take one too, and I can always check the background of that church (/Other random building) later

Well, exactly that happened when I by accident made a stop in Dresden, Germany, about 2 weeks ago. Basically, Dresden is one of those cities that happened to be very pretty and all that, but unfortunately for itself is situated in more or less the epicenter of what used to be the battlefield during WWII.  So in order to (I guess) get some cash inflow again, they decided to re-construct the city to what it used to look like pre-war, and they even built up the church using the original stones again. But hey, it seems to be working, as the city is packed with busloads of tourists coming for clicking away on their cameras.

OK, I will not bore you with pictures of old buildings, but something DID catch my attention. First of all, there is a hell lot of buildings with people on top of them, now what is up with that? Was it like the biggest honor – to when you die be depicted in a statue and put on top of a high building? I don’t know, but I always find myself wondering what those people actually DID to end up where they are.

Anyway, one building in particular caught my attention. Take a look on this picture…. now exactly WHAT do you associate this with?

Look on the names… closely. Yes, painters, sculptors, Italian such… think cartoon, think… the late 80’ies… think pizza!

no? come on!

Ring any bells? … yes, EXACTLY… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Remember ? ? ?

Those Pizza-eating cowabunga-turtles with awesome Ninja-skills? NO? Well, I DO! Damn, they were HUGE… skateboarding around the sewers of NYC and saving the world kind of… they made Pizza every kid’s favorite dish back home!

Short re-cap::: In blue, leader: Leonardo… in Red, the one with coolest weapon: Raphael, in Orange, the Funny one: Michelangelo and in Purple the slightly nerdy: Donatello.

Now, all of them are mutated Turtles, all of them fought off evil, all of them like pizza, all of them are pretty awesome. How come only three of them qualified to get their name on a building? and even more important, who the F**K does this “Steinbach” thinks he is???? He will NEVER be a turtle!

Didn't you FORGET someone???????

Not fair! I am considering a protest march or something like that… I need to raise awareness, I need to give these turtles what they are worth! Out with Steinbach – in with Donatello. Details about mass-protest will follow, I feel this can become HUGE!


About sunshinediary

Just another woman, in another town, on another street. Living the same life, same loves, same losses, same happiness and same shit as most people. Having problems, solving problems, seeking happiness... you know, the usual shit.
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2 Responses to Steinbach will NEVER be a turtle!

  1. Sadako says:

    That is so freaking cool! As a child of the 80s, LOVE IT!

    • I feel you! Seriously, I’m a girl, but even I was dressed out as a Ninja-turtle at any possible occasion back in the days 😉 (to be more specific: Michelangelo, the orange one… always)

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