How birthdays went from cool to uncool…

To have birthday… To get older. Awesome… maybe… or, at least it used to be……..right?

Whatever happened to birthdays lately? I remember them being possibly the most awesome day of the year, and now it has turned into something more…or, well, less awesome I guess. I remember looking forward to my birthday for weeks, writing wish-lists and dreaming about awesome presents and constantly wondering how big the probability was that this year my parents would FINALLY give me a pony…

I truly feel like my birthdays used to be awesome, it was like as if the whole world stopped and everything was focused on ME; I got presents from everywhere and cakes with my name on them; I had parties where my friends brought me lots of presents and we played and had fun. I got to decide what games to play and what the rules were 🙂

I got money from relatives and every year I seemed to be allowed more things. It started with being “old enough” to go to the cinema with dad, being “big enough” to ride that awesome cool roller-coaster in the theme park (I waited 3 years for that one! Imagine the day I was finally allowed!). It moved on to other awesome stuff such as being able to drive, purchase alcohol, getting in to clubs, getting in to the cool clubs that usually put a higher age-limit… It was all cool, there were always new benefits.

Now I am wondering… what next? I mean, realizing that you are most likely the oldest on the dance-floor, can’t get the youth-discount when buying tickets anymore, getting offered pension-fund packages from the bank and finding out that there are networks on the internet for singles your age aren’t exactly AWESOME stuff…




Looking forward for weeks, unable to sleep the night before, still believing somewhat in the possibility to actually get my own pony…


Waking up by my whole family singing for ME,
Bringing me awesome presents and CAKE in the morning!

(and my sister being all jealous, but wouldn’t miss out on the cake so had to come along and look happy…)



Getting a cake just for me,
sometimes with MY NAME on it!
Got to blow candles and make wishes!
Got to eat as much as I wanted to!



Having all my friends coming over and giving me presents!

Feeling like I am the most important one !!!
Getting to play, get more cake and decide everything!


Being allowed to do more cool stuff!

Getting money from relatives… and being able to spend it on total random stuff as I felt like!





Can’t sleep the night before because too much things going on. I need to bring cake to the office tomorrow (and as I didn’t want to spend $$$ on that, I spent this whole evening baking fucking cakes!). Need to plan party for my friends, and also invite my parents at one point.

How much is all this stuff going to COST ME????????

Have to bring cake to work, announce to everyone that, yes, it IS my birthday. Get 100 questions about the cake, feel sorry for not having thought about the colleagues with allergies…

I have to invite all people I know over to my place, and offer free beer!
The presents are not that frequent anymore, apart from the “smart guy” who brought a bottle of wine
(that he probably received himself as a present) just to feel better when he grabs the free beer.

It is just amazing how much money one can spend on beer!

You also find out that there are no benefits whatsoever in being one year older. There is absolutely NOTHING you are able to do now that you were not able to do last year.

I have to call my grandparents and remind them that it is my birthday. And as they are too old to drive, I have to make sure to get over there in order to get my birthday-money. Money that will be spent on covering for the beer I have to buy for my party, last month’s unpaid credit card bill or something else important. No way I can buy mountains of candy anymore 😦

So, can I please stop getting older? It is not fun anymore!


About sunshinediary

Just another woman, in another town, on another street. Living the same life, same loves, same losses, same happiness and same shit as most people. Having problems, solving problems, seeking happiness... you know, the usual shit.
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9 Responses to How birthdays went from cool to uncool…

  1. GETTING OLDER IS A BLESSING…BUT WHY DOES IT SUCK AT THE SAME TIME? I used to feel the same way, but only about getting gifts and junk for my b-day…but now…I just get grey hair and stress 😦

    • I know, and then, next to a stressful job, i have to organize party, dinners and bake cakes… yeah, it totally went from being great and just getting to more… grey hairs 🙂 thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Vic says:

    I know right! I don’t even remember how old I am anymore…it gets that lame! haha

    • I know.. when people ask “how old are you” and the automatic answer is … ” I’m 26…”… and then, in your head “no, wait, SHIT… I did it again!!!” realizing you are actually 27…. and a half 😦

  3. Bianca says:

    Holy crap, I just wrote a post similar to this! Not about birthdays, but about how damn old I feel. Must be something in the air!

    And you have to bring your own cake to the office for your birthday?? That sucks!! Just think, once you hit.. um.. 65.. you can retire! See, that’s something to look forward to. 🙂

  4. AFon says:

    I agree with you birthdays and holidays lose their magic right around the ripe old age of 21. I am not into them as much as I used to be they don’t seem much different from any other day. Think from now on I am buying myself presents to make up for not getting them from other people haha.


  5. Riley Carson says:

    Hey! I have your blog review complete, I just need to know what email address to send it to. Please shoot me an email at and I’ll have your review sent to you ASAP.

  6. Gia says:

    haha! I literally just pressed a post about aging and learning to embrace it. Ugh, its so annoying but I guess its better to accept it since we can’t do anything about it and find a way to make birthdays fun again! Although, I think it’ll be impossible to capture that childhood innocence… sighh.

  7. Brandi says:

    Hey! I found your blog through 20sb and I just love it! Keep it up, I look forward to reading much more! x

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