Where did summer go?

I HATE fall. Not like in a “oh, I kind of don’t like it”-way… I really HATE it.

First of all, it’s the most useless season EVER! There is absolutely NOTHING to do, and all you want is to go back to summer, but you are the furthest away possible from summer, which makes it suck even MORE!

Second, the weather is just a BITCH in fall. Really… truly! It’s like the weather is trying to make you feel even WORSE than you already do. Summer is awesome, it’s nice, it’s warm… alright, sometimes it rains, but it doesn’t get freezing cold all of a sudden. It’s not like you need to always carry along warm clothes in CASE it will get cold later. No, because it doesn’t.

See, that’s exactly what I don’t like about fall when it comes to the weather-issue. I hate the fact that you NEVER know. For me, most days are the same around this time of year. I need to work and therefore need to go up way to early. I also spend my whole day at work and will not return until evening. So usually, I check outside the window in the morning to get a rough idea about how the weather is going to be like.

Very often it happens that outside there is a blue sky and the sun is already up smiling towards me kinda like if he’s saying “hey, come on out, it’s nice and warm… I have not forgotten you, I am still here for you!!!”

And then I get some kind of hope that all is fine and it’s not gonna be a THAT bad day after all. I decide that summer is still somewhat there, even though just the end of it, so I decide to wear summer-ish clothes while I can. That decided I usually opt for a skirt, some summer-jacket, and usually my most expensive (and the only expensive one I have) handbag and go out all happy and shiny kind of as to celebrate that all is still fine and summer is still here.

It is kind of like the sun is talking to me, and I am feeling all good and happy getting to work. I even spent some time to get my hair ready, which is not very usual, but hey, for the occasion – anything!

I am all happy and too busy to communicate with the smiling sun that I don’t notice that the clouds that looked all happy and innocent are now getting confused. It’s like the are thinking… “wait a minute, this is not how it’s supposed to be…. WE are the best friends of the sun now… what’s she DOING?????”

And then… all of a sudden, they decide to take revenge on you. It is as if they KNEW exactly where your weak spot is, and they are going to destroy it all. You don’t see it coming at all, they sneak up behind you, form an army, and all of a sudden… you have this:

And that is when that day got destroyed!

But hey, wait a minute…. you think that’s it? NO…. not at ALL. Things just get WORSE. OK, one day was destroyed and all that, but life goes on. Until weekend comes and I am going to do my weekly groceries (yepp, I do “weekly groceries” because at the moment, it’s the only time I have time to buy food…) and drive to the supermarket trying to think about what I might want to eat in about 5 days (kind of mission impossible, i know)… and thinking that MAYBE… maybe… I could buy some nice salad or other summery food that might cheer me up, and if it’s warm one of the days I might eat something that can trick me into thinking that it IS still summer.

BUT…. when walking around in the supermarket and seeing…. yeah, ok, I admit, I was at the candy-section… wanting some sweets for the evenings…

OK, you don’t get it… I just wanted to give you an idea of the whole perspective… Here, I give you a zoom-in of what I saw:::::::

SUMMER REALLY IS OVER!!!! there is NO more hope!

OK, I guess I have to accept it, but really…. does that give them right to sell christmas candy already in SEPTEMBER??? This can not be legal. It must be last year’s left-overs.

I seriously think something should be done here, I even have some great ideas myself:

* Give away left-over (not sold) christmas-candy to homeless people in January, in that way the shops won’t have anything to sell in september.

* Organize a mass-demonstration-day where we all go to the supermarkets and spray-paint ANY Christmas-look-alike-package BLACK.

* Start doing the whole christmas-thing in September… I mean, why not, then it’s done and over with.

* Do like the Americans… introduce some holidays in BETWEEN summer and Christmas, in that way shops have other things to focus on until late November. Yes indeed, I AM referring to Halloween. Seriously, Pumpkins do not disturb me even a fraction of what santa-chocolate does! (And now I also finally got the whole purpose of Halloween… I KNEW it could not be just about the kids and the candy… it’s all a plot against mass-consumption!)



About sunshinediary

Just another woman, in another town, on another street. Living the same life, same loves, same losses, same happiness and same shit as most people. Having problems, solving problems, seeking happiness... you know, the usual shit.
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4 Responses to Where did summer go?

  1. kaloo says:

    You crazy. Fall is the best season.

  2. Josana says:

    I read this post a long time ago (when you posted) but I didn’t have time to comment

    soooo, I love the post, and I also love fall lol sorry! but the post is sooo true!

    • yes, but you live in a place where fall means beginning of winter, which means skiing coming up and is around the corner. You live in a place where hot chocolate tastes good and chocolate fondue is considered food 🙂

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