Who doesn’t save the best until the end? … or, how do you eat your pizza?

I know some of you people know me personally (thanks friends for giving me SOME visitors), but for you who don’t and will come back here, I can tell you immediately that I LOVE cooking, eating, well – you get it – I like food. That’s no secret, and some people friends even say I can cook pretty well. So yeah, there WILL BE FOOD!

BUT – there is ONE thing about me that might be a bit weird. Actually, I don’t think I am weird at all, because I think my behavior is TOTALLY logical (of course it is, it’s the others who are weird), but some of my close friends have pointed out that I am somewhat of a “maniac” when it comes to eating. Not WHAT I eat (nonono, I am NOT one of those neurotic “constantly on a failing diet”-women (no offense to you, if any out there, but that’s just not me)… ) but HOW I eat.

Yepp you heard me! HOW I eat. Of course there is eating-techniques, and now you might be thinking that I am some kind of weirdo eating my burgers with chop-sticks or so, but NO!

Basically, I believe that in order to finish a meal COMPLETELY satisfied, one needs to SAVE THE BEST FOR THE END. Yeah, really, that’s all I do – I save the best tasting piece to the end, in that way, I will keep the best possible flavor in my mouth afterwards.

LOST? (how could you be? This is just plain logic!)

OK, let me illustrate this a bit better. I will make a very simple example and I will tell you the difference of how I would react versus how my boyfriend would react.

Eating a “quattro formaggi pizza” (means “4 cheese” in italian if anyone didn’t know)

Boyfriend’s strategy: Get pizza, cut at most convenient place, eat pizza, finish pizza, be full, be satisfied.

My strategy: When I get the pizza I first figure out which cheese is which. Like, the mozzarella is usually kinda plain and the Gorgonzola is my favorite, so of course I want my last piece to be a gorgonzola-one, as I will by then (when eating the last piece) barely remember how the first piece tasted.

Having found the Gorgonzola-area of the pizza, I turn it around so that I start 1 triangle further than the Gorgonzola. (I do this because it keeps the last piece warm…)

I eat more or less half the pizza, and then things start to get serious, so now it is really “down to business”. Now is the moment when ALL the remaining crust gets eaten. Everyone knows that the middle part is much nicer than the crust – the crust has no topping, but until now it kept the inside of the pizza warm…

Then I eat all the way until I get to my chosen “last piece” (which by now is down to a very small triangle between the other last 2 and without crust… but hey, with lots of Gorgonzola).

My last piece is a totally soft, still warm, drenched in Gorgonzola and without annoying crust piece of Pizza – just the way I like it!

Needless to say, I don’t only do this with pizza. I do this with ALL food. A sandwich for example, i mean, come ON, the middle has so much more stuffing! Or a Burrito (which might be why mine always drip the most… I can’t keep the end till the end, i need to have the middle piece in the end).… you get it.

Actually, I thought this was weird, until the day when I was having pizza with a couple of friends and one of them got his pizza, said nothing, studied it for a minute or so (which is a lot when you’re hungry and have a freshly baked pizza in front of you btw) and then turned it about 80 degrees and cut & ate one piece, and thereafter ate ALL the crust… yeah, this was the moment when I asked “Hey, sorry for asking… but are you… by any chance… saving the best piece until the end?”

His answer was simply:
“OF COURSE I AM. Damn, I thought I was the ONLY weirdo!”


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Just another woman, in another town, on another street. Living the same life, same loves, same losses, same happiness and same shit as most people. Having problems, solving problems, seeking happiness... you know, the usual shit.
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6 Responses to Who doesn’t save the best until the end? … or, how do you eat your pizza?

  1. Tonka says:

    Wow I always save the best for last, and the weird thing is I never thought it is weird! But on the other hand, I have to say this ‘strategy’ has sometimes played me a bad trick – for example when there is tooooo much food, and by the time I am ready to eat my perfect bite I have no place left in my troat or stomach to stuff it in; or another drawback is the case when you can’t decide which is the best piece because you like more than one – this is really a hard decision to take,and I can’t decide which taste I want to be left in my mouth (yes, seriously, I think exactly like you); and in the third case when there are several meals it gets even worse when I have finished the best first because it was the appetizer…Horrible, you know, but I still keep on trying 🙂

  2. liz says:


  3. Sadako says:

    I never thought of that…I usually only eat a slice or two at a time. I thought you were going to say you ate it crust first or upside down or something like that! 😀

  4. Gloria says:

    I used to always eat my pizza slices crust first and inward towards the tip of the slice when I was a kid (same “best for last” idea). But now, I prefer when my pizza is piping hot and now try to eat the nice parts first while it is still very hot out of the oven. I do admire your strategy of leaving a bit of pizza around your favourite part to keep the slice warm though. Never thought of this…you might revolutionize my pizza eating! 😛

  5. Kai Elan says:

    I eat food. I never thought there were strategies for food eating. My mind is blown.

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