The awful mistake (?) of tagging PENIS…

Being a newbie on blogging and all that, I thought I was one of those persons who doesn’t give a crap about statistics and if people actually READ my blog. Of course, there was some slight excitement first time I had a comment and I noticed some people actually READ what I write. But nothing can me measured against the wonderful feeling I had when for the first time EVER I had a VISIBLE increase in visitors!

Yes, it was the day I wrote about the PENIS-SOAP. Of course, I just HAD to tag PENIS (don’t click this link if you’re sensitive, there is a picture of a REAL penis) in that message, so yepp… tag away, hop hop, there we go! Some hours later I saw that statistic shooting like a f***ing rocket-launch! My celebration dances and feeling of awesomeness can not be expressed even by a Richter-number, that’s how awesome I felt!

But just for about a day, because as soon as my “I always know best”-boyfriend told me that the only reason I had all those visitors was most likely because there are FREAKS out there! People who actually GOOGLE the word “Penis” and clicks on ANYTHING.

Well, I wish I had WORDS, but I don’t … so I made you this illustrative thing instead… I think it says it all:

So… yeah… that’s more or less how I realized I am NOT a new god of the internet (yet), but that I had had FREAKS visiting my site. This might be an explanation to that I don’t get any comments though, but damn it, did you really have to fool me like this? NOT FAIR!

Anyway, I do love my blog, and would you be someone that did NOT come here because you searched for random penises, I can highly recommend the Penis-soap  post as it has (almost) nothing to do at all with real penises and it has some more of my (maybe not so awesome, but still) drawings…

And hey, if you are not a freak, I would highly appreciate a little comment, just to know… because right now, I have the feeling that nothing but freaks read my blog :S

CONCLUSION: Tagging Penis makes your site visited by freaks and it might make you feel like a superstar, but do not try this at home, because the chock that hits you when you realize that you are NOT famous, but merely a target for FREAKS might be dangerous!

PS: Yes, my boyfriend is usually right.

PS2: Yepp, that’s right you FREAKS, I tagged penis AGAIN! I mean, come on! I HAD TO! But this time you will NOT FOOL ME !


About sunshinediary

Just another woman, in another town, on another street. Living the same life, same loves, same losses, same happiness and same shit as most people. Having problems, solving problems, seeking happiness... you know, the usual shit.
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8 Responses to The awful mistake (?) of tagging PENIS…

  1. Wicher says:

    Actually it was the olives that did it, helped by Josana fb’ing about it. 🙂 And there you go, added to my RSS reader. One of the funnier blogs I am reading these days. You got another fan. Keep it up!

    btw, it doesn’t look like a penis at all. More like a lemon. No clue though how that should feel.

  2. liz Penepent says:

    Penis or penis soap i still love your blog- particuarly on how good of a job you portray frederic! this interacting always makes me laugh! makes me missssss you guys soooo much!

  3. RD Carter says:

    OMG! I laughed so hard I had all the kids run into the bedroom to see what was so funny then had to slam the laptop closed, lest I damage them and force them into therapy at their very young ages.

    THANK YOU!THANK YOU! For the laugh. You Rock! And for the record, so do penises. Tag on!

  4. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t come here via a Google search for “penis.” But I think typing “penis” in my comment will probably improve your traffic. Happy to help.

  5. Lilly says:

    Penis or no penis, I love your blog and have subscribed! Keep posting all your funny pictures because you can at least count on me to look at all of them. 😀

    Maybe you should tag penis in every post anyway and see how that works. Think of it as a field experiment haha. Just kidding. 🙂

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