Ten things I (would like to) want to do before I die.

Lists… I like lists! I also like to dream, and therefore I think it is completely OK to have a list of things I would once want to do in my life. At least I like to think that I want to, I would not be surprised if, when it actually got to maybe really happen, that I would chicken out… I would also not be surprised if I would totally rewrite it next year and everything would look different, even though I hadn’t manage to accomplish half of this list.

So here it is, I present my to-do-before-I-Die-list to you all
(not necessarily in order, but still…)

1. Spin a globe and throw a dart on it and then go visit that place
OK, I am aware that I am most likely to hit the ocean somewhere, so I guess I have to give it a couple of throws before I hit land, but wouldn’t it be great? Especially when telling about your travels and people ask, “why did you go THERE?” and you can simply answer, “Well, that’s what my dart told me”…

2. Learn how to speak Esperanto

A couple of years ago I read an article about Esperanto, and since then I have had this fascination for this language and always told myself that one day I want to learn it. However, since I am usually busy learning some other language that I actually NEED, I never had time to get to it yet… However, the idea that there is a language supposedly easy to learn, with no real difficult grammar and likely to be understood by many, but still not the official language of any state, it fascinates me!

3. Be “an extra” in a movie
Yeah, well, let’s get it straight from the beginning – I am no actress, and I will never be one. However, wouldn’t it be cool to be one of the “background people” in some huge famous movie? A friend of mine was in a movie once, well, he would pause the movie when it was taking place on a main square and lots of people sitting on the cafés around, saying “you see that guy there, in white shirt, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper… well, that’s ME!” Now, I find that pretty cool and would love to be able to see myself in a movie, and even better, being the only one (before I tell my friends) to know that I am in that movie!

NO, don't look at the car racing through the street, look there, on the pedestrian street... right theeeere, that's me!!!

To do a base jump

Is it normal to want to jump off cliffs?

That’s right. Not skydive, not paraglide… a base jump! It’s rather easy, in order to start with some base jumping I would need to have previous experience of all other jumping styles (including skydiving, paragliding etc) so by stating “base jump” as my goal, I will also have to do other things automatically. Just imagine the feeling of floating free in the air, no major equipment, no attached feet (think bungee), and just relying on yourself to land safely.

5. Invent something useful
Well, I wish I could be more specific on this one, but hey, if was, then I would already be half way. Think post-its, lighter, stapler… whatever small easy tool that makes like simpler for a lot of people. How cool would it be??? Most likely one could make some money out of it as well, and then I could retire (and when people ask how come, I can say, “well, you know, I invented that little……“)

6. Be a “YES-man” for a month

Have you seen the movie? Well, I did, can’t say I loved it, but I DO like the concept and I sometimes really feel like becoming a YES-person myself. Meaning, ONLY say YES, to everything and always… but maybe for just a limited time, as I think it could become a bit much in the long term, but I would like to try it though, but I’m too scared at the moment…

7. Make the world a better place… at least for SOMEONE
I guess everyone has this urge of some kind, and since I was young I have been thinking about and have been trying out volunteer work in developed countries. I also donate money and such, mainly to kids. But, what I would really like is to actually be somewhere and DO something, and SEE the result. Even if I just change the life of one single person, I think it would make me feel better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m not doing anything, but I would like to take time off, go somewhere and make a change!

8. Overcome at least one of my phobias
Yeah… it might sound simple, but I can ensure you that it is harder than it sounds. I have 2 major phobias, and they are very common. It’s the dark (even though that could be elaborated, but I won’t do it here) and snakes. And I swear, it is REALLY a phobia and it is having an impact on my life! Just the idea to seek help though freaks me out… such as walking in to some persons office and go “hey, I’m scared of snakes, should we talk about my childhood now, or what?”. But one day, I’ll get there… hopefully!

9. Have a kid – or 2
I guess it sounds like another “no-big-deal”-things, but to me it really IS! I want to have kids one day, but it also freaks me out. I am supposedly in the age when I should start thinking about things like kids, but I just can’t do it! I want them, I DO, but… Can I really handle it? Could I handle being pregnant for 9 months? Could I handle the responsibility? I wish I will get over it and get to it one day…


I always leave the last point open in my lists, because I am a person a bit obsessed with numbers and of course the list can not have more than 10 items, but what about if next week I realize there is something I much rather want to do in life than the items I now listed? Well, that’s why I leave some space for it! So, I guess now there is not so much more for me to do than to get out there and get started with my “to-do-list”, right?


About sunshinediary

Just another woman, in another town, on another street. Living the same life, same loves, same losses, same happiness and same shit as most people. Having problems, solving problems, seeking happiness... you know, the usual shit.
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8 Responses to Ten things I (would like to) want to do before I die.

  1. M(i)zHitRun says:

    Nice list. I can identify with some of the points on it. I have to ask you though. . .

    1. Wouldn’t you rather go to another universe, seeing as you sound to be already well-traveled? (only joking)

    6. This can get dangerous . . . better be careful 😉

    • Good question, but the simple answer is NO. One can not see enough of what we have already, and things are changing all the time. I believe travel is not about getting there, taking the picture and “ticking it off your list” as in “been there”, it’s all about getting to KNOW the place, and for that to happen, it takes more than ONE lifetime 🙂

  2. oh, and YES, of course it CAN be dangerous, but then again… everything can (including being a NO-sayer) 🙂

  3. ash says:

    Thanks for commenting my blog ^_^. I like your blog, and this particular post was highly interesting. Keep it up! 😀

  4. amayacachi says:

    Great list, I’ve always wanted to do the dart and globe thing.

  5. keen101 says:

    I really like the dart idea. haha

    Good luck with the Esperanto. I kept telling myself i’d get to it one day, but never was able to motivate myself to do it.

    …So one day i forced myself to get an esperanto penpal. I logged on to Lernu.net and contacted the first person who was online and a similar age. I now can understand a fair amount of Esperanto, and have a really cool penpal in Poland. 🙂

    We write small emails almost everyday. Who knew getting a penpal was the key to getting myself to use the language 10 min a day.

    • Hey, that’s a really good idea. I think i should make the Esperanto course a priority as soon as I get my German up to speed (I really need it, started learning it in April and starting my new job 1 sept… oh, did i mention, the new job is in German :S But the penpal thing, I really like it! Thanks for the tip, and thanks for commenting 🙂

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