Anti-fashion part I

Gazelle or Samba?

I have never been a slave to fashion, and I think that comes from a terrible couple of months of wearing a pair of RED Adidas shoes when I was 12.

I have promised myself to never ever write or give tips on current fashion (also stated in my “about” page), because I simply think others have more interest and do it better. But hey, it doesn’t take away the right to write about clothes, does it?
So, let me get back to where it all started… about… more then 10 years ago when I as a young teenager REALLY REALLY wanted those RED SHOES. It was not any kind of shoes, let me explain… you know back in the days when kids all of a sudden get a saying in what they wear and all kids tend to look exactly the same? Yes, that was also the case in my school, and one of the first trends we kids got hit by was the “Adidas old-school trend“, mainly.. the Adidas Gazelle shoe! Everyone had one, and if you didn’t… you just didn’t make it to the “cool kids gang” which of course everyone wanted to be in.

It took me about 2 weeks of “please mummy pleaaaaaaaaaaaase” and “but everyone else has a pair!!!!!” until one day, when we were in a big city (MUCH bigger than ours) and in the shoe-shop we visited I saw them… THE pair of Adidas shoes… not only were they REAL brand and looked exactly as what everyone else was wearing, they were also RED! I fell in LOVE and got this enormous feeling of “oh yeah I’m gonna be sooooo cool, because nobody else has them in RED“. After about an hour of whining and promising that I wouldn’t ask for ANYTHING for my birthday which was coming up in about 2 months, my mum finally gave in and bought her 12-year-old daughter a pair of 70$-shoes.

For once, I couldn’t WAIT for monday to come, when I was most likely going to become the coolest kid ever and show off with my RED Adidas shoes that you could not buy in OUR town 🙂
So, monday came, I think I already had the shoes on at the breakfast-table, and for once I was EARLY to school. During the whole first class-hour I was sitting restlessly on my chair, couldn’t WAIT for break when everyone was going to admire my shoes! And then the bell rang, and out we ran… for once I was not up for playing soccer or anything else (afraid to get dirt on the shoes). And oh was I right… the most popular girl in the class was heading right for me (with her GREEN Gazelle shoes and all) and said………..

Yeah, what did she say? Well, nothing less than “Haha, you got the FAKE ones! Your parents couldn’t afford to get you the real ones or what? I mean, at least you could have tried to get them in one of the TRUE colors, so that it’s not so obvious!” “No!“, I said confidently, “They are not fake, but it’s just that you can’t get them in this color here in town, I bought them in x%x%x“… “Pfffff…“, she said “It’s even written on them – “SAMBA”, like that will ever be fashion, everyone knows that this year it’s the GAZELLE that is in!!!

So yeah, it hurt… not only did it hurt to hear that I knew nothing about fashion and that I was wearing the WRONG thing (I mean, how COULD I NOT see the difference… well, there is barely any…) , it also REALLY hurt to keep my pride in front of my parents and actually wear those shoes and get to hear it EVERY DAY for MONTHS !!!!!!!!!! KIDS CAN BE EVIL !!!!!!!!!!!

However, my LOVE for RED shoes is not gone, and it is still one of my favorite colors when it comes to shoes, and I often get compliments on my red shoes.  I mean, a pair of red high-heel pumps? A pair of cute red ballerinas? Red rubber-boots! (helllooooo, think Juliette Binoche in Chocolate for example!)… yepp, I have at least 5 pairs of red shoes in my closet 🙂 and I LOVE them all! So basically, today I am happy I survived the Samba-drama and that I am able to still love my red shoes, despite how much I HATED them (but god forbid, never told my parents) back in the days.

And for the record, in Paris, there is (almost) a whole room dedicated to one giant, shiny, bright red SHOE (pumps) – and you know, when it comes to fashion, whatever they say, the Parisians are always right, or not?


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Just another woman, in another town, on another street. Living the same life, same loves, same losses, same happiness and same shit as most people. Having problems, solving problems, seeking happiness... you know, the usual shit.
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