Lost in generations I – Garden work

When growing up I used to live in a villa with my parents and all that comes with it; garden, terrace and garage. I found it a quite normal happening that my mum would be working with the flowers and my dad cutting the grass in the garden when I was a kid and when I got older and moved away I always said “well, when I grow up I will NEED a garden; I could never imagine having kids and such without a garden…. where would they play, and where would we spend time in the summer months?” Now, having lived on my own for about 11 years, I realize that the closest I ever came to a garden were my timid collection of house plants and various attempts to grow herbs on my balcony. Believe me, houseplants include a LOT of work… at least when you tend to forget to water them, when you don’t know what to do when they all of a sudden start to lose leafs and when one day they are full of small bugs.

The last couple of weeks I have spent in the former house of my boyfriend’s parents as they are not there anymore, and we enthusiastically committed to taking care of the GARDEN. Oh man, if I would have known what I got myself into. I am almost terrified for next week, when his parents will come visit. It’s not that we didn’t try… we spent endless hours in the garden, bought lots of new tools and tried various techniques. My boyfriend spent an entire day trying to trim a bush, which was supposed to be round in shape… I can only say that in the end it turned out somewhat round, but MUCH tinier than planned. Digging and shoveling, watering plans and trimming buses… it takes TIME and creates evil blisters all over your hands and guess what, you get pain in muscles you didn’t even KNOW you had the day after.

When I grew up it seemed to be totally normal that parents spent most of their free time in the summer in the garden, and it looked so nice and peaceful, but today I know different. Most of my friends are in the same situation as me, we barely know how to keep a houseplant alive. Is gardening a skill that is starting to disappear? Let’s be honest… “taking care of my garden” is not really a standing out item on your CV, and there are much things I would rather do than taking care of a garden. hmmmm… will I ever have my house and garden? Maybe I would just have to do really well in my job so that I can one day get my garden, and a gardener to take care of it 🙂 Maybe that’s the idea… losing skills like this so that we can at least get some more people employed? 😛 I don’t know, but I think it is a pity…


About sunshinediary

Just another woman, in another town, on another street. Living the same life, same loves, same losses, same happiness and same shit as most people. Having problems, solving problems, seeking happiness... you know, the usual shit.
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